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Smart AI Voice is a technology that has the ability to use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to process human conversations, receive and interpret customer intent and communicate to a level close to human intelligence.



2 Solutions
Smart AI Voice



Remind Customers before Due Date



New Customer Intention Screening

2 Solutions
Smart AI Voice

Sample of Smart AI Voice

Here are some sample recordings for Smart AI Voice Robot conversations with customers with various contact center functions.

Tele-collection can be defined as part of a company that is tasked with billing using Smart AI Voice.

Collection Bot Customers have difficulty paying: Collection Bot persuade to pay 50 of minimum bill: Collection Cannot pay handling: Collection Explain payment channel: Collection Bot detect will pay within a week:
In Indonesia, insurance has also started to develop, here is an example of the voice of Smart AI Voice in offering insurance.

Sample bot Insurance Poistive Interest: Sample bot Insurance Bot Covince:
Contacting potential customers by phone to offer products using Smart AI Voice.

Multifinance Telesales Interested: Multifinance Telesales Not Interested:
Calling specific people to sell products provides information about Unsecured Credit using Smart AI Voice.

Telesales KTA Interest Interupt Bot Explaination:
Receive incoming calls using Smart AI Voice with the function of handling incoming customer phone calls.

Inbound CS Sample:
The survey method is conducted by telephone using Smart AI Voice.

Sample Bot Telesurvey:
Receive and record guest orders which will then be forwarded to the relevant section using Smart AI Voice.

Order taking Sample make order: Order taking Sample order later:
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