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PBX is a telecommunications support device whose job is to manage outgoing and internal communication interactions.


Smart Cloud PBX is a cloud-based PBX service that is a solution where customers do not need to buy a PABX device because of space capacity and efficiency. You have control over the system, while SME provides voice services and performs all updates and maintenance. SMART Cloud PBX provides advanced communication features so that they are freely used practically by all companies.

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There is no purchase of the device, so it is very cost effective as well as a place

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Can use the type of extension phone that supports IP Phone and Non-IP Phone

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Can be accessed anywhere as long as there is internet and does not depend on location


This service is the same as traditional PBX hardware installed and operating in the customer’s company. You will have the hardware for the telephone system with the network and the SME Team will handle all updates and maintenance related to the system.

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Sound between extensions is clearer because it uses a device that is installed directly on the location

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Device and database security is better protected by the presence of hardware at the customer

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With the device installed at the location so that its use is specific to the company itself

Smart PBX Features
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