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CLOUD PBX Solutions is a telephone technology development that provides a solution for your company that provides IP PBX features without the need for an IP PBX device.

The SMART PBX On Premise service is the same as the SMART Cloud PBX, only in the form of hardware that is applied and operates in the customer's company.

Smart PBX Features

Live Supervisor Monitoring

Get the best experience to know what upgrade is needed. The Live Supervisor Monitoring feature makes it easier for Supervisors to manage and monitor the Call Center team.

Real Time Dashboard

Smart Apps
Smart PBX

Extension List

Menu to view a list of active or not Agent extensions

Smart PBX

Outbound Recording

Menu where can see all records for outgoing calls made by Agent

Smart PBX

Inbound Recording

Menu where can view all recordings for incoming calls

Smart PBX

Call Detail Report

Menu to view detailed reports on outgoing phone usage by Agent

Smart PBX

Summary Report

Menu to see a summary of each Agent from each call activity

Smart PBX

Admin Extension

Menu for making administrator changes setup

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