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Why Choose Smart Mobileads


Every SMS sent in the dashboard or API will be logged in real-time with reports that can be accessed directly.

Our dashboard is very easy to use and has features that are indispensable for users

We guarantee 24/7 the best service to achieve the highest satisfaction. With a NOC team always on standby.

SME uses digital methods that can be tracked and measured to ensure you generate more efficiency.


SMS Broadcast is a service to send messages in bulk via SMS broadcast service according to the sender ID of the customer’s company, brand, or product name. also known as SMS Masking. SME service is often used by small, medium to large companies in interacting with their consumers. The message content varies according to the needs of the company, some are in the form of notifications or information, product promotions, and some are used as messages to verify data or transactions which are often referred to as SMS OTP (One Time Password), especially for SMS banking and other financial services.

SMS will received by the recipient with a sender ID or Sender ID in the form of a brand, company, or product name that has been registered with 5 major operators in Indonesia. The submission requirement is 7 working days (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL-Axis, and Three) with FREE fees. While 14 working days for Smartfren at a cost of IDR 100K / Sender ID.

With the terms and conditions above, it is very inappropriate if this SMS Broadcast is used for bad things, such as fraud. And even though in today’s modern era, SMS broadcasts are still very popular and reach many recipients in sending short messages.

Tipe SMS Broadcast


SMS Bulk is sending SMS with a large number of sender IDs to the customer’s own database numbers. This service can be accessed using a dashboard or an API connection to the SME SMS server and forwarded to 5 operators in Indonesia (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL-Axis, Three and Smartfren). And this service is commonly used for SMS Marketing, SMS Notifications, and SMS OTP (One Time Password).


LBA (Location Based Advertising) is a Service by sending messages based on a targeted location that is selected according to customer needs. Our LBA coverage can reach all locations in Indonesia.
How it works:
Mobile users who pass through the targeted area will receive the ad message. The use of BTS will automatically detect a target entering the area.


Targeted SMS is sending messages to targets with a predefined profile. An SMS will be sent if it meets the criteria selected by the advertiser, here are some examples of their profiles:

  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Location of Residence
  • Type of gadget
  • ARPU